All Bolines are handcrafted. We do not buy in stock pieces. Each blade, pommel and handle is individually handcrafted, making each piece unique and original.


To see the story behind our Bolines and to get a sense of how they are made, visit 'Our Story'.


Locally sourced woods are used for the hafts, and recycled  Stainless Steel for the blades.

Each one is unique and made to match the haft with the blade.

The wood is hand sanded and finished with Linseed Oil to bring out the woods beauty, or otherwise stained with Oakgall Ink.

The blades are hand finished in either polished/rustic/ brushed/matt finishes and are sold as blunt for safety. They can be sharpened using a fine grit sandpaper.


Bog Oak handles are available subjet to availabilty.


Unless stated, all products are sold.


Handcrafted Bolines, Witch Herb Cutter, Harvester. Handcrafted Boline, Herb cutter, Harvester, Cresent Moon, Matt finish.

These are examples. Bolines we have available for sale will be listed on our Etsy Shop.

Gallery of Pre-made Bolines

Gallery of Commissioned Bolines