Currently residing in Somerset (Somer Settlers in Olde English), he shares this world with his Wife Jennie, Son, dog and cats.


Dave, as he prefers to be called, is well known in the local Pagan community. He attends as many Pagan celebrations and events as he can and is a long term visitor to Glastonbury where some of his work is stocked in Witchcraft Ltd.

Our Story...

Handmade Oak Athame. Leaf finger guard. Acorn pommel. Commission. COM 5.3 Handcrafted Bog Oak Athame, Witches Knife, Kriss Blade. Pagan. Witchcraft. Wicca. Druid. Commission. Handcrafted large Boline, Witch White Knife, Herb Cutter, Harvester. Natural twist.

Upon seeking a new Boline he found the choice limited and basically, uninspiring. He decided to put his skills to good use and created his own.

After finding that a major creator of Athames had retired, he put his hand to making an Athame too. Then his wife wanted one. And then their friends!

​David soon realised there was a gap in the market for hand crafted ritual artefacts.

In 2010 he bit the bullet and did his first craft show. And hasn't looked back.

It has since grown from a spiritual hobby into quite a small business, supplying the discerning Witch or Druid with quality ceremonial artefacts.

​David has 25 years engineering experience which included Aircraft, Automotive, Medical, Military and the Film Industry.

David holds an Advanced City & Guilds Credit in Carpentry & Joinery and is a Coded Welder, Coded to CAA, Bristish Standard, European Standard, ASME9, all of which he puts to good use creating quality, original pieces that are strong, beautiful and resounds with magickal energy.


He expanded into Wands making beautiful pieces, sometimes partnered with a crystal embedded into the wood. Staffs shortly followed and have become quite popular, especially the naturally twisted ones.

He's now dabbling with Runes and Oghams, Chalices and Pipes!

​The name 'Steel Stick 'n' Stone' came from the materials he uses. Steel for blades, Stick for the woods of handles and wands, and Stones for the Crystals he embeds into items.

He sympathetically matches Steel to Stick & Stick to Stone!


Our Triple 'S' Logo.

Handcrafted Hobbit pipes. Handcrafted wands, athame, Smudge fan, Book of Shadows stand, Pentacle, Stonehenge. Pagan. Witchcraft. Wicca. Druid.

​David works from his home studio after his main engineering day job, making everything from scratch. His wife manages the website, Etsy store, shipping and admin.

He has stalls at Glastonbury's Wytches Market twice yearly, where you can buy direct from him.


David's work has been sold Worldwide reaching as far as the USA, Canada and Russia.

Steel Stick 'n' Stone Logo. Athames. Bolines. Wands. Making Athame handles. Making Athame handles. Steel Stick 'n' Stone Packaging. P1020329 copy Forging a new Athame. Rough hand forged cresent Boline blade Forge.