We've teamed up and are proud to introduce our NEW handcrafted leather sheaths by

After many requests for leather sheaths to protect your Athames and to allow you to carry them on a belt for Rituals, we started looking for a supplier.

Because we didn't want to go down the route of mass produced cheap stuff from sweat factories we stuck to the UK looking for skilled leatherworkers that would match the hand crafted quality of our Athames. We only found a few and what was available was too expensive, sometimes costing more than the Athame!

So, bitterly disappointed, we thought 'Well that's it then. We can't supply them.'

But, this problem was nagging my wife, Jennie. She thought to herself 'How hard can it be to make a sheath'?

So off she went. She researched, read and watched tutorials on youtube and online, and gained herself some basic leatherworking knowledge.

She couldn't find any patterns or templates for a dagger sheath, so she designed her own!

She's kept the design beautifully simple yet hardwearing and practical.

Jennie is now making them to order for you to purchase with one of our Athames!


Jennie is currently designing a sheath for our Bolines and Wands.


She uses high quality veg tanned leather for the sheath. The dyes, glue and finishing wax are Eco-Friendly.


Jennie sells under her own brand name MORRIGAN LEATHER and uses her own shop to sell the sheaths.


Shipping is FREE for sheaths as it will be shipped with your Athame

saving you extra postage!


Her Etsy Shop is here:


Her Website is here:


If you wish to contact her: [email protected]




Custom Leather Athame Sheath. Custom Leather Athame Sheath. Custom Leather Athame Sheath. Custom Leather Athame Sheath.


Plain Dyed From £50