Wand Lore



Communication, intelligence, wisdom, and curiosity, to remove mental blockages, spiritual love and health, protection, horse magick, sea power, healing, and skills of arts and crafts, justice.



This is a powerful wood of choice for the witch when working with the fairie magick. Apple is a good wood for aiding in the propagation of skills, often used in love magick. Apple wood promotes peace and harmony, magick of light and the divine, and promotes visions.




Beech wands are used in the magick of divination, mental health. Aspiration, desire, and victory, working with ancestors, old wisdom, and magickal research.



Cleansing rituals. a symbol of rebirth, renewal, and diligence. Lunar spells, healing, and protection. Use in rituals that signify a new start of any endeavor.



Used for purification & protection, ridding the atmosphere of negative energy. It aids in combating fear, depression and anger. Magickal Associations: Good time for inner work and assessment, grounding and protection. It represents the strong action of fate or the outside influences in life.



Elder wands are most often used in Faerie Magic, banishment, magical arts, protection from evil, imagination, change, and healing.



Protection, money and wealth, protection against evil and wanting to make new starts or begin new ventures.



Hazel is the bringer of change and promotes wisdom, love, creativity, intelligence, navigation, inspiration, and wrath.



Opens insight, psychic protection, creativity, self confidence, purification, patience, banishment   of evil spirits, concealing magic, chastity,    

male potency, and fairy magick.



Purity, strength, logic, power transfer, protection. It also carries properties of the sacred, material advance, physical revenge, and beauty.



Dealing with death and rebirth, change, love, healing, rhythms, and the gaining of eloquence, inspiration, growth and skills.

Protects from enchantment.

It strengthens the third eye.



Truth, steadfast knowledge, protection, vitality and long life. Helps center the mind, and promotes observation and intuition. Inspires bravery, presence, leadership skills, prosperity, and strength.



Increase divinatory powers, healing and purification, love and lust and is said to bring peaceful sleep and toenhance youthfulness. It is strongly protective and can be used for exorcism.



Divination, astral work, strength, protection, initiation, healing, psychic energies, working with spirits of the dead, psychicpowers, personal power, and success.



Promotes relaxation and harmony, whilst at the same time raising energy levels and banishing lethargy. Prosperity, love or longevity, bringing success and abundance, but also to teach humility and increased awareness of the world into people’s lives.



Magickal Properties: enhance magickal and psychic abilities & to induce visions. Transformation, reincarnation, eternal life and immortality sum up the attributes of the Yew tree. It has been associated with death, rebirth, change and regeneration.